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Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

Ultimate tic-tac-toe is a board game composed of nine tic-tac-toe boards arranged in a 3 × 3 grid. Players take turns playing in the smaller tic-tac-toe boards until one of them wins in the larger tic-tac-toe board. Compared to traditional tic-tac-toe, strategy in this game is conceptually more difficult and has proven more challenging for […]


Pig is a simple dice game first described in print by John Scarne in 1945. Rules Each turn, a player repeatedly rolls a die until either a 1 is rolled or the player decides to “hold”: If the player rolls a 1, they score nothing and it becomes the next player’s turn. If the player […]

I see 10!

This is a game that supports addition to 10.   Rules   Using a standard deck of cards, remove all face cards.  Aces will be used as 1’s.  On a table, arrange 12 cards face up.  Take turns finding a pair of cards that add to be 10.  The 10’s can be removed individually.  Variations Rather […]

Circular NIM

A two-person strategy game/Un juego de estratégias de dos personas Materials/Materiales One game board/Un tablero 13 markers/13 piezas DIRECTIONS/INSTRUCCIONES Place one marker in each circle. Coloque una pieza en cada círculo. Players take turns removing one or two markers. If you take two markers, they must be from adjacent circles. Los jugadores toman turnos quitan […]