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Jo Boaler Wants Everyone to Love Math

We’re a math-traumatized people, Jo Boaler says (although she uses the British locution “maths-traumatized”). It’s a belief she sees confirmed in everything from students crying over long division to MRIs that reveal young brains reacting to numbers as if they were snakes or spiders. from Pocket Here is where I got this article from.

Episode 12 – PISA Question #4

Maggie and Duane continue digging into the OECD report “Ten Questions for Mathematics Teachers…and how PISA can help answer them.” You can download the report here… http://www.oecd.org/publications/ten-questions-for-mathematics-teachers-and-how-pisa-can-help-answer-them-9789264265387-en.htm If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please Tweet us at @dhabecker and @pelelover1   Show notes at http://theothermath.com Question #4:  What do we know about memorization […]