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Recreational Math #RecreationalMath

My claim: people who teach math should also do #RecreationalMath as a regular part of their lifestyle. Just like English teachers read/write recreationally or music teachers play their instrument on their own time at home…math teachers should engage in doing math on their own. — duane habecker (@dhabecker) April 8, 2022 Many years ago I […]

Keywords do NOT work

For many educators, word problems surface longstanding fears of mathematics and memories of traumatic childhood experiences in math class. As a result, we often see posters on classroom walls attempting to distill strategies for solving word problems into a collection of key words. Perhaps you have seen the thousands of key word posters on the […]

Counting Collections

Counting Collections is a structured opportunity for students to count a collection of objects. In doing so, students develop strategies for organizing their collections, keeping track of their counting, and ultimately develop a concrete understanding of base ten place value system. Today I had the pleasure of observing a wonderful teacher as she led her kindergarten […]

I used to…but now I…

Whenever I feel compelled to give unsolicited advice to teachers new to the profession, I give the following three suggestions: Stay curious. Always be willing to learn new things. Stay humble. Always be willing to unlearn things you thought were true, but aren’t. Begin each day with a reminder to yourself that you really, really […]

CRA with percentages

I recently received a wonderful email from a mathematical leader at a local junior high school. She had two great questions, so I thought I’d turn my response into this short blog post. I separated her questions with my responses. Read on… 1.) How do we connect the Concrete and Representational to the Abstract in […]