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Narrow door or Wide door

Recently I saw this post and it really got me thinking about the idea of everyone being a math person.   If we are going to believe that EVERYONE can be a math person, we must also consider clarifying some things… Tradition has it that the phrase “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter” was […]

Fractions are nutria

I’ll bet you are wondering two things: What does the title mean? What the heck is a nutria? Today I did a demonstration with a wonderful 6th grade class. We were comparing and ordering rational numbers. I grabbed this lesson from Open Up Resources. (It is an amazing free curriculum, but you might need to […]

Learning multiplication with flashcards

Hey folks…I recently came across this article about learning multiplication facts. Here is my summary of it with some addition thought sat the end… A 2022 study from the Netherlands compared two methods of practicing multiplication facts: reciting equations displayed on a whiteboard and singing songs practicing with flash cards. Teachers used the same scripted […]

Inserting Productive Failure into your Mathematics Lessons

Check this out! Students were randomly assigned to experience 1 of 2 conditions: Productive Failure (PF), in which students collaboratively solved complex problems without any instructional support or scaffolds; or Direct Instruction (DI), in which the teacher provided strong instructional support, scaffolding, and feedback. Findings showed that although PF students generated pictorial representations and methods for solving […]

Learning to Count – part 2

In this previous post, I proposed a new way of counting things. If you haven’t already read it, please do so. Otherwise this post won’t make much sense. In that post I ended with the following problem… How many rectangles are in this 3-by-4 figure? I promised you an answer to this problem, so here it […]

Should we adopt new textbooks yet?

So yesterday I was asked a totally reasonable question: Is it time for districts to start thinking about adopting updated materials…especially since the California Math Framework has been revised. I provided an answer, but I feel like my answer changes weekly. Read on and let me know your thoughts about my response: QUESTION:  “Our district […]