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Desmos: Effective lesson planning

A teacher recently asked me to co-plan a lesson with her and then co-teach it. She wanted to teacher scatterplots and found this activity, but she wanted my support in planning and teaching the lesson.: We began by printing the Teacher Guide to see if the activity’s author provided any suggestions for pacing and […]

Flipping the script: You Do, We Do, I Do

Every three years the OECD administers and publishes the Programme for International Student Assessment, better known as PISA, which evaluates 15 year-old students around the world to determine how well their education system has prepared them for life after compulsory schooling. This test is important because it allows the performance of educational systems to be […]

Recreational Math #RecreationalMath

My claim: people who teach math should also do #RecreationalMath as a regular part of their lifestyle. Just like English teachers read/write recreationally or music teachers play their instrument on their own time at home…math teachers should engage in doing math on their own. — duane habecker (@dhabecker) April 8, 2022 Many years ago I […]

Keywords do NOT work

For many educators, word problems surface longstanding fears of mathematics and memories of traumatic childhood experiences in math class. As a result, we often see posters on classroom walls attempting to distill strategies for solving word problems into a collection of key words. Perhaps you have seen the thousands of key word posters on the […]