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Math For Love

Math is fun! But it is pretty common place for us teachers to reduce math to a collection of skills to learn, practice, and memorize…which is not terribly fun. Math For Love is a wonderful website that provides teachers with the resources for making math the joyous endeavor it is supposed to be. Games, rich […]

Returning to “normal”

As we make the slow, but inexorable return to normalcy – whatever that may look like – we need to begin thinking about the details for returning to school. Within the teachers’ sphere of influence, the first two things to consider are What to Teach? And How to Teach It? Research shows that our students […]

Mathigon…my new love

Perhaps a few years ago (maybe 2018?) I first bumped into Mathigon. It was a beautifully designed website calling itself the “Textbook of the Future”. The books, games, and virtual manipulatives are so wonderfully created that they make math look joyful…which it is! Well…Mathigon continues to add to its website, making it one of the […]

Chip Model for Division

This is the third part of a series of posts showing how to visually represent the four operations of whole numbers using the CHIP MODEL. The first part shows how to model addition and subtraction. The second part demonstrates multiplication with the chip model. There are two ways to think of division: partitive and quotitive. […]

Hex – Google Slides version

Here is a version of Hex that you can play remotely with Google Slides. DIRECTIONS/INSTRUCCIONES The game is played by two players. Each player chooses one color marker. Se juega con dos jugadores.  Cada jugador escoge una pieza de un color. Begin with an empty board. On each turn, one player puts a single marker […]