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Equilateral Triangle Puzzle

At the start of the school year, I came across this tweet by @MathEqualsLove… This Week’s Puzzle: Equilateral Triangle. This puzzle is always a favorite! #mtbos #iteachmath #teach180 #puzzlingclassroom — Sarah Carter (@mathequalslove) August 26, 2019 I loved the Equilateral Puzzle, so I finally got around to sharing it with teachers during a […]

Perfect Quiz Protocol

We have long known that the most important aspect of schooling affecting student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom (Wright, Horn, & Sanders, 1997). So then, what exactly do effective teachers do? Two well-known people, Hattie and Marzano, have long thought about this very question. Both have created long laundry lists […]

Math Teachers’ Circles

Imagine a golf coach who never plays golf. An English Literature teacher who doesn’t enjoy reading books. A lifeguard who can’t swim. Pretty absurd, right? Now imagine a math teacher who doesn’t do math. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Now I’m not talking about the math in the textbook. Of course, math teachers do […]