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May 10, 2022 #TapeDiagramTuesday

    pic.twitter.com/nNiwzpSOmp — Patrick McHenry (@CHPSK5MathCoach) May 10, 2022   Excuse my errant 3/4 in the middle.. 😂😂😂 I am proud of this effort, this was my first piece of scratch paper. pic.twitter.com/mQIUSjFXF7 — Mr. D (@MrDanielDick) May 10, 2022   pic.twitter.com/BY3wVphzgO — Veronica Enriquez (@VeronicaEnriq19) May 10, 2022  

Keywords do NOT work

For many educators, word problems surface longstanding fears of mathematics and memories of traumatic childhood experiences in math class. As a result, we often see posters on classroom walls attempting to distill strategies for solving word problems into a collection of key words. Perhaps you have seen the thousands of key word posters on the […]