Benchmarks Assessments Don’t Work

I remember during the era of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the concept of benchmark assessments took center stage. It seems like everyone was suddenly talking about using benchmark assessments to ensure students from every sub-group were learning. In my school district, the teachers settled on the idea of giving three or four benchmark assessments […]

Math Teachers’ Circles

Imagine a golf coach who never plays golf. An English Literature teacher who doesn’t enjoy reading books. A lifeguard who can’t swim. Pretty absurd, right? Now imagine a math teacher who doesn’t do math. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Now I’m not talking about the math in the textbook. Of course, math teachers do […]

Infinite Insights…Season 2!

It has been a while since Maggie and I have recorded a podcast. We got busy…you know how that goes. There have been some changes…Maggie has gone back into the classroom. She is a 4th grade teacher again! This means there will be some changes to our Infinite Insights podcast. We won’t be able to […]