What should homework look like

To assign math homework or NOT to assign math homework? That is the question. There is little evidence that assigning math homework in grades K-8 improves student outcomes. But there is plenty of evidence that assigning too much math homework is detrimental to student achievement. Alfie Kohn, shares some data research showing fourth graders who […]

Math For Love

Math is fun! But it is pretty common place for us teachers to reduce math to a collection of skills to learn, practice, and memorize…which is not terribly fun. Math For Love is a wonderful website that provides teachers with the resources for making math the joyous endeavor it is supposed to be. Games, rich […]

Returning to “normal”

As we make the slow, but inexorable return to normalcy – whatever that may look like – we need to begin thinking about the details for returning to school. Within the teachers’ sphere of influence, the first two things to consider are What to Teach? And How to Teach It? Research shows that our students […]