Hex – Google Slides version

Here is a version of Hex that you can play remotely with Google Slides. DIRECTIONS/INSTRUCCIONES The game is played by two players. Each player chooses one color marker. Se juega con dos jugadores.  Cada jugador escoge una pieza de un color. Begin with an empty board. On each turn, one player puts a single marker […]

Square It 5 x 5

Original Version found at https://nrich.maths.org/13125 Materials/Materiales A five-by-five dotty grid paper. Un papel cuadriculado con puntos en forma de 5 por 5 Marker pieces of two different types/colors. (two colors of rocks, pennies and dimes, etc.) Piezas de dos tipos/colores (eje. piedras de dos colores, monedas distintas, etc.)   Directions/Instrucciones This is a two-person game. […]