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Should we adopt new textbooks yet?

So yesterday I was asked a totally reasonable question: Is it time for districts to start thinking about adopting updated materials…especially since the California Math Framework has been revised. I provided an answer, but I feel like my answer changes weekly. Read on and let me know your thoughts about my response: QUESTION:  “Our district […]

Math For Love

Math is fun! But it is pretty common place for us teachers to reduce math to a collection of skills to learn, practice, and memorize…which is not terribly fun. Math For Love is a wonderful website that provides teachers with the resources for making math the joyous endeavor it is supposed to be. Games, rich […]

Blocking and Interleaving

Does the title pique your interest? Or does it just make you want to move on to another blog? Give me just a moment to share a simple idea that may improve your students’ achievement dramatically! Let’s begin with a golfing analogy: The typical golfer will practice by going to the range, grab a club, […]