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A formula for inquiry AND direct instruction

In earlier blog posts (this one and this one) I’ve talked about two – seemingly opposing – views of math instruction: direct instruction and student-centered instruction. There is plenty of evidence that students benefit tremendously when given an opportunity to invent/investigate their own understanding prior to formal instruction by the teacher. There is also plenty of evidence that […]

Episode 9 – PISA Question 1

This episode is special because it is our first episode topic that was suggested by a listener. A huge shoutout to our friend Erick Lee (Twitter handle @TheErickLee) who suggested this great report published by OECD. If you are on Twitter, please give Erick a follow! Here is the link to the report: http://www.oecd.org/publications/ten-questions-for-mathematics-teachers-and-how-pisa-can-help-answer-them-9789264265387-en.htm Every […]