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Learning to Count – part 2

In this previous post, I proposed a new way of counting things. If you haven’t already read it, please do so. Otherwise this post won’t make much sense. In that post I ended with the following problem… How many rectangles are in this 3-by-4 figure? I promised you an answer to this problem, so here it […]

Counting Collections

Counting Collections is a structured opportunity for students to count a collection of objects. In doing so, students develop strategies for organizing their collections, keeping track of their counting, and ultimately develop a concrete understanding of base ten place value system. Today I had the pleasure of observing a wonderful teacher as she led her kindergarten […]

Three stages of counting

Today I had the pleasure of co-teaching a class of 1st graders. Being only the second week of the school year, I was amazed at how deftly the teacher peppered her math lesson with mini-lessons on the various routines and protocols of the classroom. This old former-math-teacher-turned-elementary-coach learned tons about how to run a 1st […]