5 Starts

Five starts is played with a standard deck of cards with the face cards removed, depicting the numbers from 1 to 10. The game is well suited for parties of mixed ages.


  • Lay out all of the 5’s from the deck face up in one column.
  • Players receive seven cards and the remainder become the stock (draw pile).
  • Players must either add a card of the same suit and one higher or one lower than the sequence of cards on the table.
  • Players can play as many cards as they want in one move.
  • Players who cannot play at least one card must draw up to three cards.
  • The player who is first to shed his cards wins; play usually continues to determine who is second, third, etc.

In some variants, the 5’s are not placed out in the beginning.  Rather, the 5’s must be played from a player’s hand.




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