Returning to “normal”

As we make the slow, but inexorable return to normalcy – whatever that may look like – we need to begin thinking about the details for returning to school. Within the teachers’ sphere of influence, the first two things to consider are What to Teach? And How to Teach It?

Research shows that our students will be best served when we identify the most essential current year content that we will teach and then utilize high-leverage teaching strategies (CRA, UDL, 5 Practices, etc.)  that enables students to develop a deep and profound understanding. Essentially, the mantra is “teach far fewer topics, but teach them deeply”.

The Achievement Network (ANet) created a powerful document that identifies the MOST essential standards for grades 1 through high school and details the prerequisite standards necessary and how to weave those prerequisites into the current year’s content. Color-coded information makes this easy for busy teachers to use.