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5 principles for better primary maths teaching

We are now well into the “new” maths curriculum, with its harder Sats papers and higher expectations. The game has changed, but maths teaching has remained largely the same. I believe that it’s time to reconsider how we teach maths. from Pocket Here is where I got this article from. https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-views/5-principles-better-primary-maths-teaching  

Gender Differences in Math

I just read this short article from NCTM about gender differences in math. It is thought provoking. Please take a moment to read the article. Then find a fellow math teacher and spend a looooong coffee break discussing things that can be done in the classroom to make this better. Here is the article… http://www.nctm.org/Publications/Teaching-Children-Mathematics/Blog/Current-Research-on-Gender-Differences-in-Math/

Bansho (What is it?)

Bansho is a method of teaching developed in Japan that focuses on teaching math through problem solving.  It allows students to see connections and progressions of the thinking involved when developing strategies to solve a problem. from Pocket Here is where I got this article from.