Introducing Infinite Insights

Introduction to Infinite Insights

You’re a math teacher. You know the deal. You know that they are always coming out with new articles and new research telling us new ways to teach…new ways to think about math education. The problem is…when do you have time to read the article or the research…think about how it applies to your classroom…and then actually do it? You don’t!

That’s where Infinite Insights comes it. Hosted by me – Duane – and by my friend Maggie…

Infinite Insights is a podcast designed especially for all TK-12 math teachers (that includes you elementary teachers!) Every other week Maggie and I will share a new math research study or article, we’ll talk it over, bounce ideas off each other, and think about how to implement it in the classroom.

Essentially…we do the reading and thinking for you and fit it into a 20 minute podcast episode.

20 minutes! That is only HALF of your prep time. You still have time to take a walk…go potty…call a parent…or whatever.

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Look forward to our first episode to come out on Monday August 21.